• Culinary tourism is the pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences. By combining travel with these edible experiences, culinary tourism offers both locals and tourists alike an authentic taste of place.

    Along the way you able to learn the history, culture and the Thai tradition. Walking in the streets you get the experience of how the food is prepared. Apart from getting to taste the foods you able to explore Bangrak district, crisscrossing the riverside by ferry and stopping frequently to try 8 Thai regional dishes some which you have not heard of.


    • Its experiential and interactive since you see the colour of food, smell the spices, you feel the textures and temperatures and you heat the steaks sizzling and taste the flavors.
    • It has tremendous potential to make a long lasting impression since you can’t forget what you see and taste.
    • Has no limit to age, sex or ethnic groups so anybody can participate in it.
    • It’s a tool of economic and community development since people earn for the selling food hence its source of revenue to them. Through participating in the work the community gets to grow due to the income generated.
    • It’s flexible hence never affected by weather in any chance. Be it rainy or sunny tourists will still tour in the destination for culinary tourism.
    • Its ever available, unlike other touristic events which are seasonal culinary tourism is one of activities that is ever available no seasons and hence you can travel any time of the year to get that experience and learn the Thai traditions.
    • Self sufficient- there are very many types of food to be tasted in great quantity
    • Satisfactory- many travelers spend higher amount of their overall travel budget on food related activities such as meals and local food products.
    • Plays major role on how tourist experiences the destination hence return to the same destination since it’s unique.


    In Thailand leisure trends have indentified that culinary tourists find a way to spend their leisure by food related activities. This contributes to their personal development and personal status. The meals can be found in other places but the special traditional way of preparing is unique