What's SuP?

SuP is an Online Accelerator for Nigerian StartUps, delivering to the other 95%

Accelerators and Incubators are accessible to only 3-5% of candidate StartUps and often require an equity position. Conversley, many early-stage applications are rejected because the Business just isn't ready, yet!

SuP is a non-Equity open-Membership Staging Accelerator: the community and venue to help your Business prepare, amplify - and to discover the Relationships and Partnerships you will need to scale

SuP is the provisioner for your StartUp journey: from the SuP Services selection of Tools and Services to through to curated and crowd-sourced knowldedge and guidance to get maximum value from those tools... we're here toensure that you and your business are prepared:

- for the Market
- for a place in an Incubator or Accelarator
- for other Investments or Partnerships

SuP enables: you Deliver

the Goal @ Sup

enabling StartUp founders, Investors and Others to

to discover, to connect; to learn
to grow together
to create value together
to change the World together

the Mission @ SuP

to change the world by enabling the world-changers

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For Founders

A showcase, a network: access and contacts

A directory of and knowledge about the services your business will need from planning to startup to launch and beyond

Entry in the Investor Portal Directory

Coming Soon: Business Courses

Coming Soon: our SuPaaS (StartUp as a Service) offer


For Investors

A Members-only network of like-minded Angels, VCs and the rest

Privacy-assured connection with the Nigerian StartUp Community

Pitches by Founder-assigned stages, pre-vetted by SuP Review Board

Showcase and Directory for your Investment Businesses

Exposure, Awareness, Opportunity

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For Services Partners

A showcase opportunity to target your services at the Nigerian StartUp sector

A targeted, educated and aware customer base whose business growth can drive your business growth

The opportunity to create a private community of your team, partners and customers

For Government & Business

Knowledge, Contacts, Community - a way to participate and support

Extended Awareness of and Access to the StartUp Scene - and a chance to make a difference

Opportunities to assist, amplify, extract value and attract investment to exciting Nigerian business opportunities

For Students and for Everyone Else

A good view of all things StartUp

A foot-in-the-door: are you the next Founder?

Free Education, Free Knowledge, Free Information

Coming Soon: Business and Personal Finance Courses & More

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Free Micro website & entry in SuP Business Directory

Use of all SuP features and facilities *

Free basic Online Store (Virtual and Physical products)



Coming Soon: Advanced Learning System

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(Coming Soon)

Premium Business Package

Fully Customisable Microsite with multiple pages

Very Large Filespace and Website Storage

Free Website Hosting Package (Nigerian, US or EU-based)

Free Events Creation and Management (on and offline)

Unlimited Business, Listing, Jobs and Store / Product Listings

50% Discount on any for-fee Services

Direct Marketing Tools and Support: Mail, SMS, Calls and other Campaigns

Advanced online Store Capabilities

Advertise-as-you-Go Service


Coming Soon: Android & IoS Apps


Coming Soon: Onsite Online Mentoring Groups



SuPaas (StartUp as a Service)

Coming Soon

Comprehensive End to End StartUp Outsourcing, from Formation through to Management and Operations


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